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  • Softwater ensures good health, cost effective & enhances life of fittings & surroundings
  • Spend less time cleaning with less water spots and easierto-remove water stains and residue
  • Use less cleaners, detergents, rinse-aid, washing powder, softeners etc
  • Enjoy softer towels & clothes
  • Softer hair, use less soap & shampoo, less skin itch

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Commercial - Industrial Applications

  • Any commercial appliance that uses water will last longer, work better, use less energy and require less maintenance. this includes...
  • Commercial dishwashers & laundry systems, cooling towers, boilers, hospitality, car washers - any water carrying system!

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Agriculture - Irrigation Applications, Floriculture Applications

  • Irrigated crops will thrive, not just survive - even in sub-standard water!
  • Enhance results in salt or iron affected water
  • Reduce maintenance and replacement costs of pumps and irrigation systems
  • less water run-off and better soil penetration

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Hotels & Institutes - Swimming pools

  • Cleaning your pool (and keeping it clean) will be easier than ever before!
  • Improve chemical performance and run a more efficient system
  • Reduce maintenance and part replacement costs
  • Enjoy softer swimming water
  • Reduce calcium build-up and black spot

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Green Algae Problem in
Ponds / Lakes

  • The Algae Problem:
  • An increase of TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and decrease of BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) so the water was unhealthy
  • Lowering of the oxygen levels of the water as it slowly suffocates
  • Inhibiting the growth of wanted water plants by shading them
  • Clogging of the water pumps

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