Commercial & Industrial

Industrial Applications

  • Any commercial appliances that uses water will last longer, work better, use less energy and require less maintenance. this includes...
  • Commercial dishwashers & laundry systems, cooling towers, boilers, hospitality, car washers - any water carrying system!

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Healthcare / Hospitals

  • Hospital Laundry
  • In hospitals there are lots of standards, rules and regulations to conform to. There are standards for laundry practice and infection control. The hospital laundry system relies on washing machines and the dryers to work every day, with little maintenance and no breakdowns.

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Large Appliances

  • Aqua Conditioners are the best insurance policy you can have for your major appliances and equipments including...Hot Water Systems (Gas, Electic, Solar, Solar Spilt Systems, Hot Water Ring Mains, Heat Pumps)
  • Swimming Pools (Pumps, Chlorinators, Heaters, Filters, Painted Surfaces)
  • Evaporative Airconditioners
  • Commercial & Domestic Boilers

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