Residential Testimonials


When came across this product online, I was doubtful it this really works. Its been close to 2 months now and the product really gave good results. Below is what we could realise,
1. Soft Hair and Skin
2. Scaling on taps and flooring are reduced to some extent but not completely gone.
3. there is improvement in vessels after wash
4. scaling in my dishwasher and washing machine is reduced now.
5. taps are not getting clogged with scaling and free flow of water.

-Veerendra Kodalli (Bangalore)
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Excellent product! Saw changes within 5 days - Highly Recommend.

- Shubham Jejani (Nagpur)
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My sincere thanks to Aqua Conditioners and to Mr. Pratik Shah for helping our village based NGO to install a water conditioner at the borewell source...almost instantly our quality of water changed for the better with no stains on our wash basins and bathroom floors; even our personal use of water has had a complete difference as the water is much softer on skin and hair;

We installed the Aqua conditioner in month of April and by early June, we could notice the difference in the plant growth in our gardens - this for me was really miraculous!

I truly recommend the use of Aqua conditioner for all those who are faced with having to use hard water in homes and offices.

Thanks to Aqua Conditioners
Nitin Orayan

- Nitin Orayan (Author & Educator, Founder at Learning Space Foundation, Wada Taluka, District Palghar, Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra)

Have been thinking about sharing this since a while now. My hair fall has reduced by 90%, flush tanks are clean! Wherever the water has flown for the last few weeks, I just need to use a pressure tap to clean the long standing flakes (Calcium Deposit). I have been letting my friends know that we have a better way to manage hard water and its - fit and forget it as well. Thanks for being the provider. Have a great day ahead!

- Sreekanth (Hyderabad)

Ive been using the Aqua Shower product for a week (installed as a unit in the bathroom duct, conditioning water for the dry balcony and one bathroom). and notice the following benefits:
- The utensils are cleaner, shinier and have less odour after a wash.
- Hair is softer and we need less shampoo. There is more lather
- I see the stains in the bathroom have started to dissappear

Over time, i hope I'll see stains on bathroom fittings disappear and shower heads etc becoming free of salt desposits. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the product and technology

- Ashish Joshi (Pune)

Initial observation is that I see a good amount of soap foam while having a bath, which is a good sign as per my analysis. Soft smooth and healthy hair. There’s a change in water. My only concern was hair and skin while opting for this - Now I’m happy in both cases and hence Im glad i bought an Aqua Conditioner.

- Suman (Hyderabad)

We have been using your water conditioner unit (Model AC 18) for last few weeks in Ahmedabad. Our experience in one word is "MIRACLE". This is not my word. My niece visiting from Los Angeles, who usually dislikes having showers here due to the water quality said so.
Our servants are also happy with washing clothes and dishes with softer water. I am very happy with the product and encourage everyone to use it

- Lalit Shah (Ahmedabad)

My experience with this type of water conditioner is really good. It gives out a good foam while taking a bath. Water does not show any stickiness after it has been softened. When compared to salt based water softener which requires a lot of salt replacement, this softener is hassle free. Many of my friends are surprised at the small size and yet good performance of the softener.

- Arjun Ram (Coimbatore)

Im happy with the product. Installed it a month ago and now I can see the change in water - The lather is good, hair is now softer and hairfall has reduced. Although scales still do form on taps etc they can easily be wiped off. I used a salt based water softener earlier but at the end of every month i noticed that the effects wear off and I need to refill the salts, which was a cumbersome process. I wanted something i could fit and forget and not bother about having to tend to repeatedly or maintain it in anyway. This is a solution which is exactly that, maintenance free.

- Jagan (Hyderabad)

There is a definite change in the water. Skin and hands feel better after a simple handwash. Im still waiting for the hair to get softer although i have only washed my hair twice since installation. After a shower we used to feel dry but now that has changed and the skin feels much better after installing an AquaConditioner. Thank you

- Yamini (Hyderabad)

Though i have not been able to observe continually since the 3 weeks that i purchased a unit this is my observation in the 6 or 7 days while i was around. Before installing the AquaConditioner unit there use to be large flakes that were formed due to the salt water stains, ones that could hold in my fingers. After passing the water through the conditioner there are no more flakes and the size of the stains has greatly reduced theyre probably a fourth of their original size now. Also buckets of water once emptied had a residual layer on them which i dont see anymore. But im sure if i wait a bit more i will get better results.

- Ritesh Sharma (Hyderabad)

The Shower unit i carry along while travelling, also give it to my friends who travel, we are seeing good changes in water while bathing!

- Manohar / Aruna (Bangalore)

Hi Premal! My experience has been good so far. the 2nd unit that you suggested seems to be working well. I can feel the difference in water quality immediately. I have been using water softeners for the last 10 years and i can say that the experience with Aqua Conditioner is far better than salt based water softeners. There is no regeneration and maintainence needed. The scaling has come down and soap/shampoo lather is rich and good.
Overall, I am very happy with the product. Moreover, I am very happy with your professionalism to help customers with the right solution and ensure their satisfaction.
Thanks for customer centricity.

- Vishal Karanjkar (Bangalore)