Water Softener for Agriculture & Farming

Without a Water Softener for Agriculture crops go through a very hard time trying to grow roots and absorb minerals in Hard Water! Water is a vital agricultural resource. However borewell water, in most parts of the country, is not found in its best state. Hard water problems amongst farmers are a common voice. 

The problem is – growing plants in soils irrigated with hard water, means the hard minerals in the soil stops the crops from growing as well as they could. In the past it may have seemed cost prohibitive to treat water on a large scale because the only option available to us was the expensive salt based water softener for agriculture.

Installing an Aqua Conditioner will allow you to irrigate with substandard water without removing the beneficial minerals that are required by plants and hence your crops will not only grow – they’ll thrive!


The Hard Water Problem

Water containing high levels of dissolved calcium or magnesium salts, or both, is described as being “hard.” Other minerals including iron, manganese and zinc also contribute to hardness.

Hard water affects soil, pipes and equipment. Although water hardness does not affect plants directly, minerals precipitated on the soil surface can form a crust, and thus increase runoff and reduce soil penetration. This can have an indirect impact on plant growth.



Salinity is the concentration of all soluble salts in water or soil, and left untreated it will cause a reduction in crop yield. Plants are adversely affected by salinity in several ways. The most important of these is that it limits the ability of plants to take up water. If the soil water salt concentration is too high the plant will not be able to absorb water and will eventually wilt and die.

Effect on Pipes, Irrigation, Hydroponic and Farm Equipment

Hard water problems cause scale buildup on pipes and irrigation systems. Left untreated this buildup will reduce water flow and eventually block pipes, drippers and associated equipment, costing you money.


The Solution – Aqua Conditioner water softener for Agriculture


Aqua Conditioners provide a range of catalytic water conditioners that reduce the electrical charge of the minerals in the water. These water conditioners are designed with various flow rates to suit the smallest hydroponic or drip irrigation system through the larger high flow center pivots.


  • Mitigate scale buildup up in pipes, drip irrigation systems, center pivots, and other irrigation and hydroponic equipment, extending their usable life and saving you maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Keep minerals in solution, helping to increase soil penetration and reduce hardpan and runoff.
  • Lower the water surface tension allowing fertilizers and hydroponic nutrients to mix more thoroughly with the softer water.
  • Create an environment for the softer nutrient-rich water to be more readily available to the root ball, encouraging deeper root growth, more feeder roots, and a healthier plant.
  • Allow you to irrigate with saline water.

Its as Simple as Science!

The subtle changes made to the molecular structure of the salts in the water changes the characteristics of the minerals. This means, the minerals, instead of building a crusty layer, get absorbed into the ground. Due to this the soil becomes softer which not only makes a healthy environment to grow crops but also increase the yield. 

Benefits of installing an Aqua Conditioner:

  • Salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution so they don’t crust and damage plants and equipment
  • Irrigate with a softer wetter water
  • Great benefits in Floriculture – cut flowers last longer
  • Water is absorbed into the ground easily
  • Water will then be easily be taken by plants
  • Healthier roots for plants
  • Less water lost to evaporation as it gets absorbed
  • Pipe and sprinkler nozzles protected from limescale deposits
  • Aqua Conditioners water softener makes a fantastic static mixer, so you get great water fertilizer mix
  • You won’t need to buy water from the market and avoid an expense
  • Healthy water not only for plants but also for animals 

Some Agricultural and Farming Applications