Industrial & Commercial Water Softener Systems

The Aqua Conditioners water softener systems are designed to change the form of minerals such that they don’t adhere to surfaces. Deposits on surfaces is a common problem faced in commercial and industrial set ups. Where hard water and equipment interact, hard water problems are guaranteed to spur up.

Hard Water + Equipment = Scale
Scale Build Up = Equipment Failure

This brings a plethora of challenges for companies, adversely affecting life at work. From fouling of cooling towers and clogging of water pipes to scaling of coffee pots and dishwashers, there’s hardly an end to this list.

To deal with these issues companies are forced to either install salt based water softener systems, increase their current staff or hire external maintenance teams to deal with such issues. Apart from being an extra expense, it also affects the equipment.

Scale Build up on Cooling Tower Fill

Scale around Cooling Tower Fan

Scale Build up on Cooling Tower sprinkler


When it comes to hard water, the only secret there is to know is this: treat the problem at its source!

What if you could change the chemical structure of hard water before it touched your equipment? This stops the minerals from precipitating on the surface it touches, saving your machinery and systems from limescale build up.

So, here’s where we come in with Aqua Conditioners’ Industrial and Commercial Water Softener Systems

Aqua Conditioners can improve all your industrial & commercial hard water problems. Installing an Aqua Conditioner will not only reduce maintenance costs but also helps you increase the efficiency of your entire system.

Reduce  operation cost + Increase operation efficiency = Increase your Profits!


Aqua Conditioners water softener systems give Amazing results for:

  • Air conditioners
  • Boilers
  • Bores (wells, groundwater)
  • Car washers
  • Cooling towers
  • Caravan parks
  • Hospitals
  • Ice machines
  • Irrigation systems
  • Mining industry
  • Ornamental lakes
  • Poultry farms

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