Why Aqua Conditioners Water Softener?

It’s important to understand why the technology behind Aqua Conditioners salt free water softener is unique. It prevents scale, as well as breaks down the existing scale – without using salts, chemicals or electricity. Also, it provides an endless supply of ‘softened’ water without any further cost or maintenance.

Maintenance Free

The conditioner that we have eases the process of softening water and has innovative hardware which takes away your burden of maintenance. The technology, unique in its nature, uses a natural process which does not require any replacement as well, so you can stay at peace.

Highly Cost Effective

Remember, besides being maintenance free, Aqua Conditioners is also highly cost-effective. It does not require you to spend extra money on its continuance, making it a hassle free process.Once installed, there is no additional cost to it. Whether that’s hiring extra personnel to take care of your equipment or buying replacement parts, we offer products and services that ensure your money remains in your pocket.

Chemical, Salt and Additive Free

Aqua Conditioners does not introduce any chemicals or salts into the water flow. It prevents scale from forming by neutralizing the scale producing properties of the minerals in hard water. This lets neutralized mineral particles flow freely through the system without sticking to the surfaces. It does not add or remove anything from the water.

Fit it, Forget it… Save Energy, Costs of equipment replacements and frequent breakdowns with Aqua Conditioners! Your natural and budget-friendly solution to an expensive problem.


Aqua Conditioners provides a wide range of eco-friendly products that soften the water. Unlike traditional ‘water-softeners’, the Aqua Conditioner does not use sodium carbonate or any other chemical to remove calcium and other minerals from water. Aqua Conditioners just reorganizes the chemical bonds of the minerals in the water to make it ‘softer’.

Quick & Easy Installation

The unit is very simple to install – and once done you can look forward to a lifetime of NO maintenance or additional expense! Installing an Aqua Conditioner is quite simple. Your local plumber could install it in just a few steps. 
Check our Installation Guide for details.

7 Year Warranty

If you want to reduce stress over water-related problems and need a cost-effective and maintenance free product to use, Aqua Conditioners is your one-stop shop. One of the many advantages this product comes with is the fact that it has a 7 Year Manufacturing warranty.*

No Moving Parts

With no moving parts in any of our units, once installed Aqua Conditioners cuts down on further expense. Aqua Conditioners does not add chemicals or remove any minerals from the water flow. It comes with no moving parts or fittings that require replacement.