Aqua Conditioners Water Softener Reviews

I’m amazed with the result of the product. The main highlight for me is the water change which I have observed from my water heater. Before installing the unit due to hard water i was not able to use my water heater because whenever i started it the water coming out from it was white in colour due to calcium and magnesium deposits. Thanks for the solution you have given me.

Mohsin Inamdar


The conditioner is working well. Color of water has also changed for the better. The flow in taps and showers has improved considerably.



Except an improved lather I wasnt able to make out the benefits in the first few weeks of usage. In the second month I noticed a definite improvement in the quality of water. All the taps were gradually getting clear and I saw absolutely no new deposits forming. Very happy with the product.



When i came across this product online I was doubtful if it really works. Its been close to 2 months now and It’s given really good results. I’ve noticed soft hair and skin, Scaling on taps and flooring are reduced, Vessels are not cloudy after washing, scaling in my dishwasher and washing machine has reduced and also taps are not getting clogged with scaling.

Veerendra Kodalli


I feel our water is much better and also tastes good. Earlier our water tasted salty due to resin based softening. Now that issue has been solved. We’re also relieved from the biweekly regeneration and salt replenishing exercise.

Prashant Bhat


Our vision is to resolve hard water problems faced by homes, business, and industry in India by providing the highest quality products and after-sales support.



Been using the AquaConditioner for the past week. I noticed changes immediately. There has been a huge improvement in the water, it has been much easier on the skin. Condition of the clothes out of the washing machine has vastly improved!

R P Singh


The Aqua Conditioner has been really good for transforming the quality of water for the better at our village based NGO centre. Recommend the use for every home or office that has to grapple with Hard water problem.

Nitin Orayan Ganeshpuri


I’m happy with the product. An Aqua Conditioner is a boon to people living in hard water areas. I am satisfied with the product within 15 days of purchase. It has solved our main problems such as scaling on bathroom tiles, fitting and vessels. I trust you guys as well as this product Mr Pratik. Thank you and All the best!



My experience has been really good. It gives out a good foam while bathing. Water does not show any stickiness after it has been softened unlike salt based systems. Its hassle free. My friends were surprised at the size and performance of the product.

Arjun Ram


The Aqua Conditioner has been really good for transforming the quality of water for the better at our village based NGO centre. Recommend the use for every home or office that has to grapple with Hard water problem.



Aqua Conditioners is the foremost manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, and supplier of water softener, water conditioner, and water softening system. We provide eco-friendly solutions to hard water problems faced across India.

Our product ensures good health, is cost-effective, enhances the shelf life of fittings and your surroundings.

With increasing water-related problems in the country, Aqua Conditioners makes sure that the solution you choose to treat those problems with, come with the best blend of cost and maintenance.



I can feel the difference in water quality immediately. I have been using water softeners for 10 years and I can say that the experience with Aqua Conditioners is far better than a salt based water softener. There is no regeneration and maintenance required. The scaling has come down and soaps and shampoos give rich lather. Overall, I am happy with the product and with your professionalism to help customers with the right solution.

Vishal Karanjkar


I’m using the Aqua Bathroom model and the water quality has improved drastically. Can feel the softness in the water and earlier feeling of itchiness on using the water is felt no more!

Shammi Lala


Its a worry free system. We are just enjoying the water as it is. No Salts, No waste of time, No maintenance, No electricity bills. My costly faucets are restored with shiny looks without the use of chemical cleaners. I dont see sticky scales on utensils; the bottoms of plastic buckets are as clean as with municipal water. I must say this technology is a boon to hard water hit colonies. Thanks for introducing us to such a nice system



I found this product online and took a chance at the AquaBathroom model. Bangalore water is the worst when it comes to hardness and we have been facing this problem since the past 6 years. I have tried many softeners before. Salt based systems are effective but its a hectic task to go through the regeneration, fill salts and also water wastage. I am happy that its a hassle free product in terms of installation and utilisation. Recommend this product for Hard water problems.

Shantanu Sangidwar


We have been using the Aqua Home for last few weeks and our experience in one word is ‘MIRACLE’. This is not our word. My niece who visits regularly from Los Angeles said so. Even our servants our happier washing clothes and dishes with conditioned water. I encourage everyone to use it

Lalit Shah


Our aim is to help solve hard water problems through eco-friendly products in homes, business, and industrial applications. We provide sales, service, and installation of household, commercial and industrial applications of Aqua conditioners. Thus contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint of homes and organisations in India, taking small but substantial steps towards contribution to the greenhouse effect.

Dilip Patel


The company also plans on introducing a range of products that improve the daily life of a common man with products like Water Filters, Water Saving Showers & Taps, Pressured Showers, which are all eco-friendly. Thus once installed, there are no worries about the unit failing or needing maintenance.