Aqua Pool Conditioner

Aqua Pool Conditioner


Aqua Conditioner Water Softener for Pool makes sure, you enjoy the swim in the pool you’ve worked years to build, by eliminating the pool challenges you face. If you’re worried about how to remove scale and Algae from your pool you will find that all that existing scale build up will be gone in no time after your ‘Aqua Pool Conditioner’ is installed.

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Pool Maintenance Benefits:

  • Softer wetter water to swim in is more comfortable.
  • Swimmers will be swimming in less chemicals and softer water.
  • Swimmers will experience less REDEYE.
  • Use less pool chemicals and maintain better results - saving time & money!
  • Your pool system pipes, pumps, heating elements, filter, salt water chlorinator will run more efficiently and have a much longer life - this not only saves you time and money today but well into the future.
  • No more unsightly scale marks on the waterline. Pool water will be cleaner and more sparkling.
  • Paintwork and tiles will need less cleaning and maintenance.
  • Maintenance FREE with no moving parts and it does not use chemicals!

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Aqua Pool 1 (AC100H), Aqua Pool 2 (AC220H)


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