Dirty dishes, fading laundry, soap scum in sinks and bathtubs — if they are regular guests at your household, we hear you! And have just the solution you need for such hard water problems: Aqua Conditioners water softener, the perfect ally to your household appliances!


Softening hard water needs a simple solution – breaking down minerals using simple aqua water softeners. One that we have eases that very process and has no moving parts. It needs no power source, and besides being maintenance free, is also highly cost-effective; because you deserve the best water softener!


The stain that hard water leaves behind is a problem that we think is only faced by large buildings or hotels. However, they can be seen in houses, big and small alike. Get rid of dry hair and itchy skin that never leave you at peace. Eliminate those rings that plague your beautiful tiles, bathtubs or pools with our product: Aqua Conditioners.


Breakdowns and downtimes in machines, poor yield in crops and great fittings in the bathroom — these problems need to be identified and stopped at its source. We have a natural and a cost-effective way to address that concern of yours: Aqua Conditioners. Feel free to take a deep dive into the setups to understand more about our water conditioner system.

Aqua Conditioners Water Softener Features

Aqua Conditioners have multiple long lasting benefits. It’s the only water softener on the market that requires nothing post installation. Fit & Forget!

Maintenance Free


Highly Cost Effective

Chemical and Salt Free

Aqua Conditioners Water Softener Applications

Aqua Conditioners can prove highly beneficial across a variety of applications. You can install an Aqua Conditioner Water Softener for your Apartments, Societies and Homes, Offices and Factories even in Farms and Greenhouses. It’s a quick and easy process that gives you a permanent solution!





"Aqua Conditioner is a boon"

I’m so happy with the product. An Aqua Conditioner is a boon to people living in hard water areas. I am satisfied with the product within 15 days of purchase. It has solved our main problems such as scaling on bathroom tiles, fitting and vessels. I trust you guys as well as this product Mr Pratik.
Thank you and All the best!

"Its a worry free system"

Its a worry free system. We are just enjoying the water as it is. No Salts, No waste of time, No maintenance, No electricity bills. My costly faucets are restored with shiny looks without the use of chemical cleaners. I dont see sticky scales on utensils; the bottoms of plastic buckets are as clean as with municipal water. I must say this technology is a boon to hard water hit colonies.
Thanks for introducing us to such a nice system

"I’ve noticed soft hair and skin"

When i came across this product online I was doubtful if it really works. Its been close to 2 months now and It’s given really good results. I’ve noticed soft hair and skin, Scaling on taps and flooring are reduced, Vessels are not cloudy after washing, scaling in my dishwasher and washing machine has reduced and also taps are not getting clogged with scaling.

"One word is ‘MIRACLE’"

We have been using the Aqua Home for last few weeks and our experience in one word is ‘MIRACLE’. This is not our word. My niece who visits regularly from Los Angeles said so. Even our servants our happier washing clothes and dishes with conditioned water.
I encourage everyone to use it

"Huge Improvement"

Been using the AquaConditioner for the past week. I noticed changes immediately. There has been a huge improvement in the water, it has been much easier on the skin. Condition of the clothes out of the washing machine has vastly improved!

"Huge Improvement"

I’m using the Aqua Bathroom model and the water quality has improved drastically. We can feel the softness in the water and earlier feeling of itchiness on using the same water is felt no more!
Thank you for the simple but effective solution

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