6 Common hard water problems

Dirty dishes, fading laundry, soap scum in sinks and bathtubs – if these are regular guests at your household, we hear you! These are a few of the most common signs of Hard water problems. More often than not, we’re ignorant about the type of water being used in our house. Until of course, when there’s a bad-hair-day.
You see, natural water isn’t just pure H2O, it has mineral salts dissolved in it. While it’s not harmful to ingest these minerals, excessive amounts of mineral content can have certain consequences. Listed below are some of the commonly-heard hard water concerns at a regular household:


Hard water is mineral-rich. As the hard water evaporates, it leaves its minerals behind. This, in turn, creates hard water deposits called limescale. So, the next time you see mysterious white stains on your clothes or your fabric feels stiff and scratchy, you’d know where the bad news came from. The good news though, is that we have a simple solution for you! Aqua Conditioners, is a water conditioning system that softens the mineral content in your water.


The dirt that plagues your sink and tub at home is a result of poor water quality. Your regular cleanings will neither remove the rings in your bathtub nor help the scum lining your sink. Limescale, a by-product of hard water, is resistant to cleaning products. The Aqua Conditioners Water Conditioning System aims to help you save your time and money.


The water used to wash your hair determines how well (or not) your shampoos and conditioners work. Hard water prevents shampoo from creating the lather you need to rinse your hair. Adding extra shampoo may not be a solution, but stopping the problem at its source, definitely is. Soften your water with our water conditioning system. It is not just cost-effective but can also help turn your (bad hair) day around!


While hard water isn’t usually harmful to your health, it can damage your home. It can ruin your pipes, kitchen appliances, and even your bathroom fixtures. Hard water can cause mineral deposits that clog and eventually deteriorate the life span of pipes. The mineral buildup restricts water flow, making everyday life a hassle. Hard water also stains your tiles and makes cleaning an absolute headache.


Are your white clothes now dull yellow? Does your hair never really feel clean? Do you struggle to keep your bathtub and sinks free of grime? If so, the problem is most likely that your house is supplied with hard water, which contains an excess of minerals like calcium and magnesium. The positive ions in these minerals react negatively with soaps and detergents causing the cleaning agents to become ineffective and not give you suds in the washing machine or a lather in the shower! Improve your water with a water conditioning system like Aqua Conditioners.


Scale builds up when a chemical or physical change in your water results in the deposit of solid substances like calcium, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate, iron, and sometimes just plain old dirt and sand, gets caught up with irregularities inside your pipes. The buildup of scale greatly reduces the flow of water through the pipe and can have nasty effects. However, using Aqua Conditioners eliminates those issues.