What is the Best-suited Aqua Conditioner for me?

The flow rate is the volume of water moving through a pipe within a given amount of time. It’s important to understand that undersizing your water conditioner can have adverse effects. Hence, it’s crucial to know the requirement and then take a call. An ideal situation is to have a constant flow rate with pressure.

Flow rates directly affect the system. If the flow rate drops dramatically, the conditioner reduces its efficiency.

Whereas, with an increased flow rate at the input, it increases back-pressure on your water pump, decreases water pressure at the output (thus reducing the flow) and increases electricity and maintenance cost.

Why get a conditioner that increases your problems than getting rid of them?

You need to know the flow rate of the system where you would like to install. Let us help you understand which models are best suited for your homes, apartments, bathrooms or appliances.

The flow rate is also known as discharge rate and can be found along with the pump specs/manuals or on the pump itself in Litres per second (LPS), Litres per minute (LPM), Litres per hour (LPH).

For an apartment,

If you want to install a unit for 1 bathroom go for Aqua Bathroom (AC9) in the water supply line of that bathroom.
If you want to install a unit on the common line for 2 bathrooms go for Aqua Bathroom 2 (AC12). And get a small inline booster pump.

In a bungalow, if you have a 2000ltrs Overhead Tank (OHT) and if you transfer water from bore well or sump tank and,
If it takes ~30 minutes to fill, then your flow is ~66LPM, you may need model Aqua Home 3 (AC56).
If it takes ~60 minutes to fill, then your flow is ~33LPM, you may need model Aqua Home 2 (AC34)