Algae formation in lakes, ponds, and pools is not just a bad sight but also interferes with other uses of water. Decaying algae reduces the oxygen levels in the water slowly, suffocating the aquatic life that resides in lakes and ponds.
The over-growth of algae exaggerates with higher temperatures and lower than usual rainfall.
It is not just toxic but excess of algae in ponds also restricts plant growth. By forming a green mass of the pond water, algal growth spoils all the fun.
It is important to understand that a basic level of algae is present in the water bodies. It’s when a specific algae type begins growing at a rapid pace, do the problems begin. It causes water pumps to clog. The water quality gets affected to a level that it causes undesirable odor and discoloration.
Once you experience algae formation, chances are they’ll return. It is therefore imperative to use preventive measures to ensure the algae bloom does not come back. Using the right method will treat the problems right.
Common Algae Controls
Chemical control in the form of herbicides and algaecides, copper sulfate and chlorine bleach are methods that have been used in the past to treat this problem. However, that had undesirable consequences.
Using fountains to aerate and mix the water increases normal biological activity, and decreases the algae growth a little. Mechanical removal of algae is very high on manpower.
The use of non-toxic biological products in lakes and ponds has gained popularity in recent time. Reason being, it is natural and involves no use of herbicides or algaecides. However, this does involve ongoing cost and maintenance.

Aqua Conditioners Algae Solution
We have an all natural alternative with no ongoing cost or maintenance requirements: The Aqua Conditioners Algae Solution.
It’s quite simple. Install two ‘Aqua Conditioners’ into the lake as a non-electrical, non-chemical, catalytic water treatment. Treating the water through this process disassociates the chemical bonds of the heavily mineralized water. This, in turn, removes the nutrients the algae feed on and the algae die – quickly. The algae are then removed from the lake and the true beauty of the natural clear water soon returns.